Futures Academy Difference

The Futures Difference

Complete Personalization

For many students, the large classroom model doesn’t fit how they learn best ~ for a variety of reasons. Some students learn faster or slower, some like to ask more questions or prefer a quieter classroom, others learn better in a more welcoming social environment, and there are those who appreciate learning on alternative, flexible schedules. For all of these students, we created Futures Academy.

We’ve reimagined school where students work one-to-one with their teachers and also in small groups to find how they learn best and excel in academics. Students connect across our micro-community for group study and social activities. Most find making friends easier here because every student is known and knows others. At Futures, we don’t look like a traditional school, and we don’t teach like one either. We are School Reimagined.

Click on our video below to listen to our families and hear about positive change and learn how we rally in each child's uniqueness. 

Futures Academy teachers are transformational teachers.

Our teachers help students discover how they learn best and tailor their instruction to each student. In our one-to-one teaching model, our teachers design the classroom around you, our student, and incorporate your interests and strengths into the curriculum. If you are a surfer, your math problems might be about how to calculate which wave is higher or faster.  

In this format, students who never ‘got math’ suddenly get it. They benefit from the full attention and encouragement of their teachers. Our strengths-based approach helps students discover what they are most passionate about in life, so they can choose a college and career path that aligns with their interests, abilities, and purpose.

Graduation time

Our focus is not only on academics, but on the whole student, which is why we teach optimism, growth mindset, and the habits for cultivating happiness alongside core academics. 

Over 99% of our graduates are accepted into their college of choice, and it all starts with our transformational teachers and our incredible students.  

Join us and discover how transformational learning is achieved.


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Personalized learning, academic achievement and success in life are the hallmarks of Futures Academy.