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*FREE for middle & high school students. (No enrollment commitment required)

Join us for an optimized online learning experience! Your child will be matched with one of our highly-trained teachers in a live, customized one-to-one session followed by an exciting small group session that includes a fun, immersive group activity and a short introduction to Guided Study, our study skills support program.


    Our Virtual School Days consist of two back-to-back sessions:

    1. A 1:1 class. Discover a better way to learn in a one student, one teacher virtual classroom. Choose from Math, English, Science, Social Science or Science of Happiness.
    2. A small group activity. Experience our transformative approach to online group learning. Participate in fun engaging activities, brain games or guided study.




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Virtual School Day

Free Trial Experience

Discover personalized one-to-one and small-group learning at Futures Academy. Take an online 1:1 course and wrap up with an interactive group activity!
Choose a class and we will match each student with an instructor who specializes in your learning style, interests and grade level.
Math: Expand your knowledge, skillset and passion for numbers
English: Explore your interest in the craft and art of the English language
Science: Learn the cool ways science influences our daily lives
Social Science: Explore human society and social relationships
Science of Happiness: Learn about the neuroscience behind happiness
After your 1:1 session, experience our transformative approach to online group learning. Expand your horizons with a field trip to the Great Wall of China, join a facilitated brain game or discover our engaging Guided Study support program!

About Futures Academy

Innovative Private School for Grades 6-12

At Futures Academy, we teach students the knowledge, skills, mindsets, character, and habits needed to achieve personal goals in an innovative, supportive, and socially engaging learning environment with a focus on personalized instruction.

Over 19,000 students have embraced our philosophy and one-to-one teaching model to go on to achieve the highest levels of success through education. Futures Academy has 15 campuses throughout California. 

Grades 6 - 12 | Open Enrollment | Full-Time | Part-Time | College Prep | AP | Courses for Credit | WASC Accredited | UC, CSU & NCAA Approved


One-to-One Learning

Our campuses offer in-person, online or hybrid instruction. In addition to one-student, one-teacher classes, students can enjoy homework support, field trips and clubs either on-campus or online! Click on the video to learn more.


Why Futures

At Futures, we believe students can reach their full potential with personalized instruction that instills confidence, character, and a lifelong love of learning. On our campuses, you will find close-knit communities that foster academic achievement and personal development.



Learning How to Learn

Flexible Schedules

Connected Community



With the 1:1 instruction, my son’s teachers are able to hone in on how he learns. If he needs, he can ask his teachers to break down the material and he can work at his own pace. I see him feeling better about learning, and not afraid to ask questions.
- Jeanne B.