One-to-One Tutoring Success

5 sessions for only $300! ($200 savings)

We all know that some subjects don’t come as easily as others. For Futures students who need a little extra help, we offer 1:1 tutoring sessions. We believe the best way for students to learn is to receive individualized instruction that is customized to fit their needs and learning style. The tutor teaches the content until the student masters the subject area and is ready to move onto the next lesson. Tutoring support is offered online or on-campus. Call to find out more information or click below to fill out a form to get a call back!

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Tutoring experts

Tutoring Experts

All of our teachers have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher and are experienced in the areas they teach or tutor. Our teachers want to see their students succeed at everything they do and help guide them to reach their goals as they are tutoring each student. We encourage parents to be involved in the tutoring process because one-on-one tutoring requires a personalized approach.

customized schedules

Customized Classes and Schedules

Futures Academy offers tutoring for all required subject areas as well as many electives. Students can select and schedule a tutoring session that accomplishes their learning needs and accommodates their busy schedule.

Schoolwork NOT Homework

Students are encouraged to hang out in “The Guided Study,” a designated space on-campus for students to finish schoolwork and receive help from teachers. Getting homework done on-campus not only relieves the stress that may happen after school while the family is juggling dinner, chores, sports and social activities, but provides a great resource for additional help and attention.

I’ll forever be grateful for the support, patience, and love that the teachers showed me throughout the years.
- Brooke R.