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Close the Gap on Virtual Learning Loss

Not ready to change schools but still need help? Check out our state-of-the-art supplemental options! If your school’s online program is failing your child, ease your worries. Stay at your current school and get the support you need so your teen’s virtual classroom isn’t a burden – to you or your child.

Feel relieved knowing your teen is getting support needed to keep up with school and stay engaged while learning online. With Futures Academy Learning Café, students complete schoolwork and get help they need within a structured environment, and are held accountable by a dedicated homework coach.


Learning Cafe Support

Develop Skills

Futures Academy Learning Café helps students develop executive functioning skills to optimize their quality of education, manage their time, and be self-disciplined in a virtual learning environment. Students learn the importance of a structured routine, how to create personal plans, manage emotions, and stay motivated.

Reduce Homework Stress

Homework Coaches take the stress out of virtual learning through weekly check-ins, monitoring student academic progress, and creating healthy social environments.

focused one-on-one instruction


With Learning Café, you will:

  • Be able to get updates on how your child is progressing
  • Gain access to the Futures Academy teacher and campus director
  • Have a reprieve from trying to teach and work from home
  • Keep your child motivated to get their work done and stay engaged
  • Help prevent learning loss and see positive outcomes

Close the gap on virtual learning loss:
Improve school for your struggling teen

Futures Academy Learning Café provides homework support while helping students improve executive functioning skills (time management, organization, and planning) so they can better perform in an online learning environment.

Learning Café Classic

Virtual Learning Café (Small Group)

  • Up to 10 hours per week in small groups of up to ten students
  • Receive homework support
  • Brain breaks to grow executive skills for academic and personal success, as well as boost student motivation
  • Access to Study Skills Toolkit for virtual classroom success. Students are empowered to develop effective time management, study skills, and become self-directed learners
  • Valuable peer interaction to increase engagement and overall performance

Homework Coach (1:1)

  • Weekly student Achievement Meeting
  • Weekly parent check-in
  • School teacher connection when possible
  • Student progress updates to ensure a smooth transition
  • Evaluation of student’s strengths and opportunities with MAP Assessment
  • Challenges identified before they occur


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Learning Café Premium

All services in Classic, PLUS:

Tutoring up to 3 sessions per week (1:1)

  • Based on identified needs, receive subject-specific tutoring from expert teachers
  • Proactive approach to support content mastery in virtual courses
  • Improve skills and confidence to achieve that “a-ha” moment

Study Skills Course (Small Group)

  • Designed to teach students new tools and strategies for consistent academic success
  • Students build a greater self-awareness of how they most effectively learn
  • Students participate in activities that will help them learn how to get organized, create effective study habits, complete assignments, improve memory, become a better note-taker, and prepare/study for exams
  • After completing this course, students will be able to select and use strategies from a resource bank when encountering new academic issues
  • Student Planner

$2,325/mo for the first two months, $1,600/mo thereafter

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map testing

Added Benefit:
FREE MAP Testing

Identify strengths and areas of improvement

The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Test is a nationally recognized and normed assessment that measures a student's grade-level proficiency in the areas of Mathematics, Reading, and Language. You may learn more about it at www.nwea.org.
MAP testing is an invaluable tool in helping us serve you and your students. One reason we chose this assessment for our students is because the test score data shows the student's "Zone of Proximal Development" -- educational jargon used to describe "what a student already knows, and what he or she is ready to learn." The test results are completely individualized to each student, providing a holistic picture of the student's grade level proficiency in the Common Core Standards, relative to other students across the country at their grade level. It also provides projected academic growth information, so teachers and students can set personalized and realistic academic goals.

I used to hate all of my classes. Now that I’m here, I don’t have one favorite subject - I like all of my classes. The teachers here have changed everything for me. Now I really enjoy going to school.
- Jack S.

Jack S